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High Speed Paper Reel Sheet Cutter Machine

Product Construction & Features:

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High Speed Paper Reel Sheet Cutter Machine

Use and Characteristics:


一、 The high-speed computerized paper cutter is an economical and practical paper cutter. The modified machine is suitable for high-gram weight paper. The paper has no burrs and no dust. It successfully solves the problem of dust in the subsequent printing and greatly improves the work efficiency. The machine adopts high-quality Weiluntong color touch screen, Yonghong PLC control, simple and reliable operation and intuitive display. High-precision servo drive motor, mechatronics design; neat paper arrangement, front and left and right with snap function, with counting and automatic label insertion device. Computer-controlled automatic operation, high efficiency, high precision and high degree of automation.

二、 1. The main engine is driven by Dedrive servo motor. High precision, compact structure, lower inertia, high dynamic response characteristics. Unique low-speed high-torque feature and synchronization function. Excellent servo characteristics can be achieved. Save power.

三、 2. Delta frequency conversion controller, low speed and high torque, high positioning accuracy, fast response without overshoot.

四、 3. The blade imported from Taiwan, the tungsten steel welding edge, the raw material from Taiwan, the blade has a long service life (up to one year).

五、 Fourth, the tool shaft adopts the national standard 45#, tempered, and will never be deformed. Both ends use Japanese NSK imported bearings, with long life and high precision.

The main technical parameters

Model: 1400 high-speed computerized paper sheet cutter

1. Design speed: 350m/min, economical speed: 260m-300m/min

2. The length of the paper cutter (the specific length is subject to the foundation drawings) is about 12 meters

3. Paper cutting accuracy ±0.3mm (at constant speed), below 1.5 meters

4. Paper cutting length: 450-1650mm (can be customized according to customer requirements)

5. Paper thickness: 50g-550g/㎡

6. Splicing height: 1500mm

7. Machine center height: 1700mm

8. The total power of the motor: about 25-30KW

9. Warranty time: within 12 months after commissioning and installation

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